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The Alameda County JATC

Our program has existed in the East Bay for over 70 years, providing a backbone for the construction industry to build our local communities. With the continued partnership between Labor and Management, we continue to offer the ability to learn a skilled trade at nearly no cost to our students. 

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The Promise of the Alameda County Apprenticeship for the Electrical Trades is to provide the IBEW and NECA with the best trained, highest skilled, most productive and professional workforce in the electrical construction industry.

Our mission is accomplished by empowering our students with the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary for lifelong success, while always honoring the integrity, uniqueness and dignity of the individual.



Our vision is to train the next generation of qualified electrical workers. Our industry continues to evolve year over year. We are exposed to new building techniques, new levels of safety, and emerging technologies. We will constantly evaluate our training process to ensure we provide state of the art training for a modern construction workforce.

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