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STEP #1: First, fill out and print the Renewal Application for Electrician Certification, or click the link below to do it online. 




STEP #2: Next, contact the JATC office and request a copy of your Continuing Education Transcript. In order to renew your State Cert, you must have a minimum of 32 hours of C.E. credit.

STEP #3: After that if your completing the form by hand and not ONLINE, you need to mail the completed application along with your Transcript and a check or money order for $100

(made out to "DIR- Electrician Certification Fund") to:

State of California

DIR- Division of Labor Standards Enforcement

Attn: Electrician Certification Unit

PO Box 511286

Los Angeles, CA 90051-7814

Once your application is received the Electrician Certification Unit will

respond to your application with in 30 days of receipt.

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