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QUESTION: What is an Inside Wireman and what do they do?
ANSWER: An Inside Wiremen is a type of Electrician who installs conduit, electrical wiring, fixtures, and electrical components in commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. Major duties for Inside Wiremen include:

  • Planning and Initiating Projects

  • Establishing Temporary Power during Construction

  • Establishing Grounding Systems

  • Installing Service to Buildings and Other Structures

  • Establishing Power Distribution within a Project

  • Planning and Installing Raceway Systems

  • Installing New Wiring and Repairing Old Wiring

  • Providing Power and Controls to Motors, HVAC, and Other Equipment

  • Installing Receptacles, Lighting Systems, and Fixtures

  • Troubleshooting and Repairing Electrical Systems

  • Installing and Repairing Traffic Signals, Outdoor Lighting and Outdoor Power Feeders

  • Installing Fire Alarm Systems

In performing these duties, Inside Wiremen must use many different kinds of tools, ranging from simple one and two-hand tools (such as pliers, screwdrivers, and cable-cutters) to power assisted tools like electric drills and cable pullers. They occasionally operate heavy equipment such as aerial lifts.

QUESTION: How long does the Inside Wireman Apprentice Program take to complete and what areas are studied?
ANSWER: The Inside Wireman Program takes 5 years to complete. During the program, apprentices will acquire a wealth of technical knowledge. A recent job analysis identified 83 specific knowledge areas that are important for successful job performance. A few of the most important ones are knowledge of:

  • The National Electrical Code

  • How to Work with Energized Circuits

  • Blueprints (Including Symbols Used)

  • Electrical Schematic Diagrams

  • State and Local Electrical Codes

  • First Aid

  • Hazardous Materials

  • Specific Job Safety Rules

  • Skill at Performing CPR

  • Skill at Reading a Wire Table to Determine Conductor Size Required

  • Skill at Terminating Aluminum or Copper Cable

QUESTION: What happens after I submit my application?

ANSWER: After the 14-day application period has ended you will be sent an email letting you know whether you qualify or don't qualify for our program. If you meet the minimum requirements, you will be scheduled to take the aptitude test, or proceed to interview. 


QUESTION: How do I find out when I am scheduled for an aptitude test?

ANSWER: After the application period has ended, you will receive and email with a test date and time. This will be an automated message, please check your junk/spam mail folder.

QUESTION: What if I don’t pass the aptitude test on the first try?

ANSWER: You will have to wait 90 days before you can reapply here at the Alameda County JATC or at any other JATC. After 90 days have passed you can reapply, and then you will be scheduled to retake the exam. 

QUESTION: What is the 2,000-hour rule? 

ANSWER: If you can provide documentation that you have worked a minimum of 2,000 hours in the ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION TRADE (Residential, Commercial, or Industrial), you may bypass the Aptitude Test and go straight to the oral interview. However, all exceptions to the testing policy must be approved by the Training Director. 

QUESTION: What happens once I pass the aptitude test and am eligible for an interview?

ANSWER: Once you have met the minimum requirements and passed the aptitude test, you will be scheduled for an interview with the JATC Interview Committee. We will notify you by email of your interview date and time. Please note, interviews are scheduled every 90 days. It could be 3 months between your test and interview.

QUESTION: What does my interview score and rank mean?

ANSWER: Your interview score is the average score (out of 100) given to you by the Interview Committee. You are then entered into our Ranking List, based on that interview score. The Ranking List is the list that we use to pull applicants for employment. The higher your interview score, the higher you are on the Ranking List.

For Example: If your score is a 96 and your rank is 10. That means that you would be the 10th person called to join the Apprenticeship Program the next time we take a class. Please keep in mind that your rank number can move up and down the Ranking List as people drop off the list or are pulled in for a class or as new applicants are interviewed. Classes are selected inline with the college school schedule; usually every spring and fall.

QUESTION: What should I do if my mailing address or phone number changes?

ANSWER: It is the applicants’ responsibility to update the Apprenticeship with any phone, address or email changes they may have. You may update your contact information here. Or you can click on the "Applicant Change Contact Info. Form" link in the main menu under "Applicants" to update your contact information.

QUESTION: Can I request a Re-Interview?

ANSWER: Yes, you can request a re-interview provided that:

1) It has been at least 90 days since your last interview.

2) You have completed 450 hours of work or have taken 2 or more electrical related classes.  (Email or call for list)

3) The request should be made in writing. Email to request re-interview.

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