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The apprenticeship training program is open to all applicants who meet the minimum basic requirements, described below.

  • You must have a valid government issued ID (for age verification only)

  • You must be a high school graduate or have a G.E.D. or its equivalent; or have a two-year associate degree or higher.

  • You must have completed one full year (i.e., two semesters) of high school algebra, or a higher-level course such as trigonometry or calculus -- or, alternately, one semester of college algebra (or higher math) -- and received a grade of "C" or better.

    • If you do not have proof of completing algebra, or a higher-level course such as algebra 2, trigonometry or calculus, you may complete the Online Tech Math course through the Electrical Training Alliance.

    • NOTE: Courses such as pre-algebra, intro to algebra, and geometry do not count toward this math requirement.

  • You must be physically and mentally able to safely perform, or learn to safely perform, the essential functions of the job, either with or without reasonable accommodations. This includes:

    • Getting to and from work at job sites, as assigned, anywhere within the geographical region that the apprenticeship program covers.

    • Attending all related classroom instruction and training, as required.

    • Reading, hearing, and understanding instructions and warnings in English.

    • Climbing and working from ladders, scaffolds, poles, and towers of various heights.

    • Crawling and working in confined spaces, such as attics, manholes, and crawlspaces.

    • Finger dexterity and the ability to discern color-coded wiring for safe connections.

  • You must consent to a drug screening prior to acceptance into the apprenticeship program. Applicants testing positive for any controlled substance will not be accepted for training.


Individuals are exempt from the requirements for high school graduation (or its equivalent) and algebra (or higher course), if they are able to document one of the following:


  • A minimum of 2,000 hours of electrical construction work experience, recognized by the State of California.

  • Military experience with an honorable discharge within the last five years. Veterans may submit form DD-214 with their application, for possible consideration of any related military training.

  • Completion of a structured pre-apprenticeship training program meeting requirements recognized by the JATC, Community Outreach Groups, IBEW/NEC, or the National Building Trades Program.


The AJATC does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, genetic information, or disability.



Create an account online through our TradeSchool Web Services Portal. After a user profile is created, your information will be verified and you will be added to the service within 24-48 hours. After your account has been created and confirmed, you may login to begin the application process.

Approximate Timeline: 24-48 hours



Qualifying individuals submit all of their application materials including scanned or digital copies of supporting documents, online only through our website, during our open application window of May 6, 2024 - May 17, 2024.

Required documentation that you must provide to submit your application:

  • Your completed application form, accurately responding to all questions. You will input your application information through the online submission portal. 

  • A scanned copy of your current, valid government issued ID (required for age verification).

  • Proof of high school graduation (e.g., a copy of your diploma, G.E.D. certificate, or equivalent); or in lieu of a high school diploma or its equivalent, proof of a two-year associate degree or higher.

    • Your academic transcripts often will show the date/proof of your graduation. You may check your official transcripts to verify that your graduation date is included. If so, you will not need to submit your high school diploma or its equivalent.

  • An official transcript for high school and/or college, showing courses and grades.

    • Your transcripts must show two semesters of high school algebra (or higher math), or one semester of college algebra (or higher math), with a grade of "C" or better.

    • As referenced in the requirements section, above, courses such as pre-algebra, intro to algebra, and geometry do not satisfy the math requirement.

    • In the absence of high school or college algebra (or higher math), you can provide proof of completing the Online Tech Math course through the Electrical Training Alliance.

    • All records and transcripts must be in English. If the documentation is not in English, applicants will need to translate it before submitting their materials on application day.

  • To waive the requirements for high school graduation (or its equivalent) and algebra (or higher math), you can provide official documentation for having completed 2,000 hours of electrical construction work experience in the State of California; certificate of completion from a recognized Pre-Apprenticeship training program; or, for military veterans, you can provide your form DD-214 from within the last five years.


Once qualified, applicants will take a standardized aptitude test at the electrical training center, to assess their skills in algebraic functions and reading comprehension.

After applicants successfully submit all of their application materials, the next step in the process is the standardized aptitude test. Qualified applicants will be notified of the date, time, and location for the test. The examination takes roughly 2½ hours, and it assesses one's skills in algebraic functions and reading comprehension.


There are several free resources online that you may use to brush up on your math skills, as well as the Electrical Training Alliance, you may take advantage of the Electric Prep & SkillsPrep online courses, which are specifically designed to prepare you for the apprenticeship aptitude test. Please see our Study Materials Page for more information.


Please be sure to arrive at the aptitude test ahead of your scheduled time, because once the testing begins, the doors are closed and there will be no further admittance. You must bring a valid government issued ID with you for identification purposes.

NOTE: Once you take the aptitude test you may not retake the aptitude test again here or at any other JATC for 90 days.

Approximate Timeline: 30-45 days AFTER the application window closes.


Applicants who receive a passing score on the aptitude test will have an interview with the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee, comprised of IBEW-NECA members.

The interviews usually last about 15 minutes for each applicant. The interview committee takes into consideration an applicant's attributes, such as: education, ability & skills, work experience, reliability, interest, attitude, judgment, and cooperation. You should be able to articulate clearly why you want to build a career in the electrical industry. 


Following the interview, each applicant is rated and merged into the pool of eligible apprentice candidates. In the final step of the process, the training committee will select the top-ranked candidates for placement in the apprenticeship's on-the-job training (OJT) and classroom instruction.

Based on this interview, candidates are ranked according to their suitability for the apprenticeship program. Roughly 40-75 new apprentices are invited into our programs every year.

Approximate Timeline: 6-7 months AFTER the application window closes.


Based on the in-person interview, applicants receive an overall ranking score for their candidacy. They are added to a list of eligible apprentice candidates according to this final ranking score. Candidates remain on the ranking list for up to one year, at which time they would have to reapply for renewed consideration.


As apprenticeship positions become available, candidates with the highest scores are invited, in the order of their ranking, to become a full-time apprentice as part of the AJATC. New positions for the training programs often become available in Fall and Spring, as contract work picks up and cohorts of apprentices are graduating into professional Journeyman status.


Given the highly selective nature of the application process, we are only able to welcome about 40-75 new apprentices each year into our training programs. Applicants may reapply after one year if their ranking has expired; or they may make a one-time request to re-interview after a minimum of 90 days from their original interview, if there have been significant changes to their qualifications (i.e., completing at least 450 hours of work-related experience and/or two college-level electrical courses).


Prior to being indentured as new apprentices (signing a training/employment agreement), selected candidates must be at least 18 years of age, possess a valid driver's license, and also pass a drug screening. If the candidate has a positive test for any controlled substance, he/she will not be accepted into the training program.


Once you're officially admitted into the program, you may request credit for previous work experience. Proper documentation is required. The decision of the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee will be final, in determining how your work experience may be applied toward your total hours of on-the-job training (OJT). 

Approximate Timeline: 7-8 months AFTER the application window closes, if applicable.

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